Here are some common questions we get from clients.

How is Rockpile handling the COVID-19 crisis?

While we are still working on active jobs and considering potential new projects, Rockpile has implemented a number of precautions to prioritize the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and of course, our clients. Every jobsite has a hand washing station and all employees are required to wash their hands when coming into the building. We also maintain a supply of hand sanitizer and spray disinfectant that are used liberally throughout the day. Masks are provided to every employee for occasions when they’re in enclosed spaces or can’t be socially distant. When the pandemic hit, we added two weeks to everyone’s sick pay, so that employees could quarantine at home and not risk infecting anyone at work. Staying safe and being smart are essential to continuing to work and provide for our families; it’s a privilege to be able to do our jobs and not something we take lightly.

What is design-driven?

Every great project starts with a solid set of plans. A design-driven construction company like Rockpile will work closely with you and your architect or designer to help you turn your ideas into a reality.

What if I don’t have an architect?

Rockpile has longstanding relationships with a number of top architectural firms in the area. We can help you find the right designer for you.

Can you provide references?

We are happy to connect you with Rockpile clients who have undertaken similar projects.

Who is responsible for obtaining permits?

Rockpile will apply for and procure all necessary permits.

Who does the construction? Do your employees do the work? How do you work with subcontractors?

We use independent subcontractors for construction, Rockpile Construction personnel for project management, and the finest craftspeople in the area for finish work. By hiring independent subcontractors, we have access to a larger, more talented team of workers than we could ever employ. Our project management team and subcontractors work together to keep the project running smoothly; manage product and material availability, lead times and schedule.

How do we communicate during construction?

Along with phone calls and in-person meetings, Rockpile uses a construction project management system called Coconstruct, which clients can log onto to communicate with Rockpile, see project activity, and review and track financials. While most of our clients have found their experience with Coconstruct valuable, it is certainly not a requirement. We are happy to work with you to develop a communication plan that suits your needs.

What types of homes have you built?

We have built everything from quaint cottages to stately mansions. The simple fact is that given architectural plans and an appropriate budget, we can build what you want.

Talk with us about your build.

New homes and renovations are often the single biggest investment our clients make. Stewardship of your time and money is not a responsibility we take lightly.