An Estate House on the James

About this build

This custom home was the fourth project Rockpile completed for this client. Originally slated to be a major renovation and addition to an existing farmhouse, our client decided instead to dismantle the structure and build all new. The end result is a beautiful 10,000 square-foot home that sits on the crest of a hill and overlooks the James River. 

As we often do, we reclaimed much of the material from the old structure to reuse in the new home. We reused most of the stone from the foundation and bricks from the chimney. Of note, we dismantled the frame, removed all the nails and had it bandsawed onsite. After kiln drying and remilling, it became the paneling and floors in the “saloon” of the house.

Architect: Bob Anderson, Little Rhino Studio
Location: Albemarle County 
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