Historic Renewals

For an historic home restoration that will add value and preserve its authentic character, it’s important to work with a contractor who has the right experience.

Historic homes in Central Virginia have a classic and inviting feeling to them. For every golden feature of the past, the owner may deal with an inadequate bathroom or kitchen, wiring or plumbing. Sometimes, it’s an awkward layout or addition that takes away from the owner’s daily lifestyle and comfort. We have the expertise to update the old with the new, while respecting the classic features of the house. 

One of the unique aspects of historic homes is the raw materials that were originally used to build the home — resources that are only available today at great expense, if they can be had at all. 

Salvaging, repurposing, repairing and refinishing these materials will go far to preserve the home’s original character. Call us and let’s discuss how to ensure that your piece of history is preserved in its original beauty for years to come.

Talk with us about your build.

New homes and renovations are often the single biggest investment our clients make. Stewardship of your time and money is not a responsibility we take lightly.